Switch Pit Project

Reconnaissance work and review of previous Portman and Pluton reports has shown plans to mine at the eastern margin of the Seawall Haematite body and into the footwall. The known geology extends east into Pearl Gull’s lease M04/235 and is referenced by Pearl Gull as the Switch Pit as it lies under an area historically used for a mining ramp with several switch backs to access the Seawall mine. Haematite mineralisation can be observed along strike from the historical Seawall mine on lease M04/448 and onto lease M04/235. This inference is supported by outcropping mineralisation, and a historical block model. Recent observations show that the footwall stratigraphy has several haematite bands of variable thickness. The occurrence of the haematite bands in the footwall stratigraphy is typical of the footwall to the previously mined Seawall mine haematite mineralisation with the abundance of these haematite bands increasing toward the main thick massive Seawall Haematite mineralisation. This is a high priority target for exploration.

The iron mineralisation within Switch Pit requires additional drilling to be reported on in accordance with JORC Code 2012 standards. However, the extension of known mineralisation in an area with outcropping rocks and surface sampling represents the potential for low geological risk direct shipping ore (DSO) tonnes for Pearl Gull Iron.

Switch Pit Exploration Plan

  • Diamond drilling is planned to test the extension of the Seawall Haematite from the historic pit on the southern side of the island. The program is targeting 10 holes, for a total of up to 2,000m from 3 separate drill platforms.

Switch Pit Concept

  • On the assumption the Seawall pit haematite extends along strike to the east, Pearl Gull Iron has completed a conceptual pit design that takes in the area that is the Switch Pit.
  • Access is the red line from the magazine road (which could also give access to a wharf/barge facility and the beach material there).
  • The pit would mine out an historic ramp area (i.e. why mineralisation is still in situ) and the initial concept shows a low strip ratio.
Switch Pit Concept

Other Projects

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North Bay

Interpretative work undertaken by Pearl Gull Iron has identified the potential for high-grade structural repeats on the northern side of the island. An exploration drilling program has commenced in this area where historically there has been no exploration, despite high grade haematite sands being clearly visible on the beach.

Magazine Pit

The Magazine Pit area is located in the southeast part of the tenement package and exploration in this area will target medium grade haematite suitable for beneficiation, as was undertaken previously on the island.